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I’m continuing on with the Low Carb High Fat lifestyle and finding it very easy now to comply with the no grain, no below ground vegetables, and no legumes or beans other than green beans.

I’m using an easy to make dessert that satisfies my chocolate craving and a no wheat egg bread recipe that cooks in the microwave oven in less than 2 minutes. Those two recipes alone are probably responsible for keeping me on this diet.

My eyes are better, but still not back to normal. My eye doctor really doesn’t think the change in diet is at fault, as tears are made of lipids (fats), and I’m certainly getting plenty of good Medium Chain Triglycerides in the Coconut Oil I consume daily.

He would normally prescribe steroid drops at this point, or Restasis. But we’re both reluctant to do that, because of my Mitochondrial Myopathy. So he’s recommended hot compresses twice a day and massaging the lids with a water and baby shampoo solution. The hope is that my tear glands will start producing more tears due to the stimulation.

I am losing weight for sure, and I’ve only felt hunger a few times since I started this diet in earnest in mid January. The first couple of weeks in January were spent gradually changing over and using up the food that was already in the house.

The digestion issues resolved themselves, as I had hoped they would. I do take MiraLax every morning, but I’ve been doing that for many years. My digestive system muscles are weaker than normal, thanks to the MITO, so dealing with constipation is par for the course.

I did have an upsetting situation develop in church today. We’re having some kind of short in our sound system that has caused me to go into Myoclonic jerks the last few weeks. But it seemed like today there were more sudden high squeaks from the organ and more crackling sounds out of nowhere that just set me off. By the time the service was ending I was in full Myoclonus and crying. Everyone nearby came to find out if I was OK, but all I could tell them was that I was OK, but the genetic disorder I have makes me have a hyper startle reflex.

I really appreciate their concern, but it embarrasses me when I go into one of these “fits”. The more I try to stop the jerking, the worse they get. I just have to find a way to relax and wait them out. It’s been some time since I had this much trouble with the jerking, but the constant pain I’ve been in for months now probably contributes to my tolerance level for unexpected noise being way down low.

So I continue to have muscle issues and other odd problems caused or exacerbated by MITO, but I’m also working hard to find the right combination of diet and activity to maximize my quality of life. I have been reading every book on nutrition I can get my hands on for several years now and continue to do so. And I’m currently going to physical therapy twice a week, hoping to strengthen the muscles in my neck, back, and shoulders and alleviate my pain.


Still on LCHF Lifestyle – Still Dealing with MITO — 2 Comments

  1. Good to hear from you, Anji!! Yes, the eyes are getting better – the massaging seems to be helping.

    And YES – the fats are organic butter, extra virgin olive oil, and cold pressed coconut oil – all are very good for anyone. I've read a very interesting book recently touting the health benefits of ethnic cuisine – and it praises French cooking. Surprisingly, much of what was good about French cooking goes right along with what I'm eating.

    I hope YOU are doing well!! Still having knee problems?

  2. I hope that your eyes are more comfortable again soon. Your diet sounds interesting – I presume you are eating good fats.

    Hope that the physical therapy is helping.

    I haven't been blogging or visiting blogs much recently at all. I've missed all of my blogging friends. Don has started blogging more often again and has grown a beard!

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