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I decided that the only way I was going to be able to get an accurate picture of what nutrients and supplements I was taking was to get out all the bottles and make a spreadsheet of each and every nutrient in them, with the amount of each vitamin, mineral, enzyme, etc., they contained.

That task took me a couple of weeks, because I kept getting confused by all the various ways different bottles displayed their contents. But I finally finished it, and I now know how much each pill costs me a day, how long a bottle lasts, and exactly what the total is for each supplement. I found one, D3, that I felt sure I was getting too much of, so until I can see a Nutritionist, I’ve cut that dose down considerably.

I’ve asked every medical doctor I’ve seen in the last month or so if they could refer me to a Nutritionist, with very little help in that direction. I saw my Neuro last week, and he gave me a recommendation. I have an appointment with that Dr. in November. Until then I’m basing my supplement regimen on my own attempts to do research.

I feel like I’m studying for a medical degree!! And I’ve about decided I know more about Mitochondrial Myopathy than 90% of the doctors I see.

My Neuro has finally decided that it’s time to try to do something about the ongoing pain I have in my neck, down my arm, up into my head, and in the mid back under my shoulder blade. So I had an MRI Monday. The tech really did all she could to make me comfortable, but lying still on my back on a hard surface is just something I can’t do. About half way through, the nerve from my neck going past my elbow and down to my pinky finger was causing such intense pain that I started having Myoclonic jerks – all that did was make her have to repeat one of the series – and make me lie there that much longer!

I haven’t recuperated from the MRI yet. Still feel completely worn out, plus I had another doctor’s appointment yesterday to make me even more tired. I did get some blood work done there that I’m quite anxious to see the results, compared to a year ago when they were so abnormal. I had another appointment scheduled for tomorrow, but I postponed it.

The epidural is scheduled for next week, and I’m trying really hard to remain positive about it. I had epidurals many, many years ago that gave me great relief, and I’m praying for the faith that I will get relief from the ones coming up. It usually takes several to get maximum results. My fear, that I’ve not totally overcome, is that the steroid will send me into a tailspin of weakness. That has happened to me twice in the last 10 years – once when I was on Parkinson’s meds, and last year when I had massive steroids to treat Angioedema (severe swelling of the lips and face from a drug reaction). Both of those times I was barely able to gather the strength to talk, eat, or move around at all for months afterwards. I pray I don’t have that kind of problem this time.

I do intend to continue with the series of posts I started about the various supplements I take, as it helps me to think through what the benefits to me are and understand more fully the mechanism by which they work to improve my energy.

I covet your prayers over the next week, and I pray for the faith to depend on the Great Physician, who DOES understand my disease completely!!!


Earning my Medical Degree — 4 Comments

  1. You certainly do your homework.

    I'm sorry that the examinations that need to be done cause so much pain. The doctor that developed the MRI machine was aware that it is not easy, hopefully he's working on a better way.

    You'll be in my thoughts especially next week. I hope that the results come through quickly

  2. Thanks, Anji, for your friendship, your concern, and your prayers. Believe me when I say it helps.

    I have wondered why they don't use something like Tempurpedic for the base of the MRI.

  3. The epidural helped, and I've been able to do more physically since. Still lots of issues and can't get caught up with all I need to do. I think of you every day!

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