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I’m pleased to report that my exercises are actually showing improvement. My neck is still giving me trouble, but I have been able to add a small resistance to some of the neck exercises and still do 10 repetitions. I see this as a sign of progress. But I am particularly pleased with improvement in the leg exercises. When I started I could not do a straight leg lift with my left leg at all. It simply would not budge. Now I can raise it for 10 repetitions, although the muscle starts complaining after the first 5. That is a huge improvement! And I can tell that I’m walking better, too.

I’m now on many of the natural herbal versions of my vitamin and supplement routine, as well as taking the full Mito Cocktail regimen. There’s really no way to be sure if the muscle improvement I’m experiencing can be attributed to the exercising, the supplements, or a combination of both. I assume it’s a combination of consistent exercising and the high powered doses of vitamins and cofactors I’m taking. Insurance won’t pay for any of these supplements, so to say the least – they’re expensive. But less pain and my increased energy make it worth it to us.

I continue to read everything I can get my hands on about vitamins and supplements, and I’ve learned a lot and been reminded of much I had already read about. I am now taking a low dose of Prozac, and my Neurologist prescribed Neurontin for pain, so maybe my improved outlook can be attributed to that – but I’d like to think I’m feeling better because I AM better! Either way, I’ll take it!


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  1. It's good to read how you are progressing. I expect that it is a combination of everything.

    I'm really pleased to read your update. i think of you often.

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