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I did something the other day I would have never thought I would ever do. I went for an herbalist consultation.

You have to understand that I have a science background, having taught Chemistry and Physics. I’ve been to a Chiropractor within a doctor’s office a few times over the years, but never felt comfortable doing it. So making an appointment with this person was a real leap for me. But you also have to understand that hearing the words from your doctor – there’s no treatment and no cure – leaves you looking in different directions for help.

So, I did a lot of online searching about this particular herbalist and was impressed with what I read. I’m certainly not opposed to medicating with natural substances – I’ve been taking the Indian herb Turmeric for years at the recommendation of hubby’s Oncologist. After all, part of the Mitochondrial DNA mutations I have were caused by some of the prescription meds my doctors previously had me taking, so there’s no guarantee that common prescriptions are safe for everyone.

But I was extremely skeptical about HOW the process of deciding what I needed would be determined.

It’s called Applied Kinesiology, and it sounds like something that could win the QUACK Award of the Century! But it wasn’t invasive in any way, and we are at our wits end trying to find someone who will help with deciding what vitamins and supplements would help me. Through research on the Mito sites I’ve gradually added the supplements recommended in the Mito Cocktail, with no real way of knowing if we’re wasting the money on them or not. Plus over the years I had gradually added a bunch of antioxidants and vitamins, trying to improve my general health. We’d also improved our diet considerably, so now we eat a large number of Super Foods, with a good many being raw.

So we’re desperate for some guidance with what to spend our money on and what not to waste it on.

I can honestly say that we DID see an obvious strength or weakness in my muscle strength when holding in turn each of the vitamins and supplements I’ve been taking. (There was absolutely NO attempt to test my prescriptions, or to imply that I should not continue to use them or stop seeing my doctors.) After “testing” my box of supplements, the herbalist proceeded to test a variety of different herbs and vitamins on me, noting those where my muscle strength was the greatest.

After about an hour of this process, we were given a list of specific vitamins, supplements, and herbs that were supposed to be more affective for me than some of those I had been taking. But most of what I had been using were said to be effective and useful for me.

We left with the list, and I spent the next day researching each of these recommendations, checking for side effects and possible interactions with my prescriptions and other supplements. As far as I was able to determine there should be no problems with any of them. I didn’t order all that were recommended, but I did order several substitutions for over the counter versions of vitamins I had been taking, replacing them with herbal versions supplying the same vitamins more naturally.

So my new herbs should be arriving any day now, and I’ll let you know in a month or so if I can tell any difference. Wish me luck!!


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  1. Good luck! I can understand your reluctance to throw money around trying to find a solution. At least you know you won't do any harm.

    I hope that you see positive results soon

  2. Thanks, Anji! This is turning into an expensive search, so I don't need to be wasting money on supplements my body is already using properly. Time will tell.

    Oh, I "tested" my daughter – who had no idea what I was doing – and saw some differences in her muscle strength with several of my vitamins as well. Weird.

  3. Hi! Well, lots has happened with you, Dirty Butter. I just read about your mitochondrial myopathy. I am sorry to hear about it, knowing it means suffering. I wonder about it and want to learn more. I am going through changes, too. My diagnosis, once Parkinson's Plus and possible PSP or MSA, is now confirmed as MSA. Glad to know you for six years as a fellow blogger, who inspired so many of us.

  4. I'm sorry to hear it's been decided that it's MSA. I know you're struggling, and I grieve for you. I hope we do a better job of keeping in touch with each other, as we both need all the emotional support we can get.

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