I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and Peripheral Neuropathy in 2006, but my symptoms seemed to take a turn in a different direction in late 2007, and the diagnosis was changed to Essential Myoclonus. Then in 2010 I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Finally, after a muscle biopsy, it was determined that I have Mitochondrial Myopathy.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Battling a Cold

I've been battling a doozie of a cold the last few weeks, the first one I've had in years. Knowing I have MITO I've been careful to watch for any bacterial infection. As long as it was just the cold virus there wasn't any point in going to the doctor. We've kept the fluids going big time, and I've been depending on Thera Flu, Mucinex, and Robitussin cough syrup to deal with it. Until a couple of days ago, it did look like I was over the worst of it.

But yesterday I started coughing up blood streaked yellow mucus, and I knew that probably meant it had become a bacterial infection. So I saw my General Practitioner doctor today. We talked at length about Mitochondrial Myopathy, and I gave him a copy of the Table of Reported Drugs with Mitochondrial Toxicity from MitoAction. He asked me lots of questions and said he would be doing some research, too. I really like this doctor. I've been using him for years, and he is the perfect example of a doctor who makes me feel like I am the only patient in the office. I never feel rushed.

He prescribed a codeine cough syrup and an antibiotic Cpak, so I expect to be feeling better soon. This cold has really taken a lot out of me. That's not surprising when you realize that my cells are working on low energy to fight it.

This doctor visit is a perfect example of why having a definite diagnosis is helpful, even if there is no treatment or cure. The doctor was able to go over the list of antibiotics I should avoid and choose an appropriate one for me to take.


Anji said...

I hope that you are over your cold by now. I had my first cold for a couple of years over Christmas and it was a heavy one. I sympathize!

It is important for any health professionals you come across to know exactly why and what you are taking. I systematically remind everyone that I am allergic to Betadine. Then there is the problem of mixing so many chemicals together, as you know.

I follow your blog thanks to ExposeYourBlog!

Dirty Butter said...

I'm better now. Thanks, Anji. I'm still dealing with some sinus drainage, but no longer coughing - just constantly clearing my throat. It's another couple of weeks before I see my Neuro, and I'll have lots of questions to ask him about what I can and cannot take for everyday problems like this.

Missy Leone said...

I was sick right after Christmas...thought the over the counter stuff would help but I too went to the doctor and was on same prescriptions. Felt so much better in 2 days!!! Hope your feeling better!!

Dirty Butter said...

We can't afford to let an infection run its course, since our cells don't have the energy to battle the infection properly. Glad you got better so quickly, Missy!!